High Conversion Copywriting Tips for a Successful Digital Campaign

High Conversion Copywriting Tips for a Successful Digital Campaign

When you hear the term copywriting, you will probably think of an advertisement. However, copywriting has a wider meaning than a mere ad. Creating a quality SEO article, for instance, requires copywriting skills, whilst creating engaging social media content also requires copywriting. 


If so, how can we define them as copywriting?


Simple, it’s because all those activities require a strong and persuasive writing. In fact, copywriting exists to provide a piece of writing that  can influence the reader to take directed action.


Copywriting and Technology Outgrow

Since technology is rapidly evolving, internet and digital media usage patterns also affect information consumption patterns. Based on research, 8 out of 10 people prefer reading headlines rather than whole articles or advertisements.


So what does this have to do with copywriting?

This means that copywriters must develop writing that fits this phenomenon. Not only persuasive, but it must also be straightforward and use less complicated terms.


Here we have some tips that you can use to produce powerful copy that generate high conversions.


1. Connect The Benefit

Don’t sell the features, sell the benefits. A copy is considered effective if it can connect the logical and emotional dots of the audience. How? Try to use ‘so what’ hacks to articulate what experiences prospects will get through the products or services offered. Position yourself as the audience, and use empathy to refine your story into ideal copy.


2. Show Proof

It’s not just about using attractive headlines, sometimes the audience also needs proof of the product or service being offered. Does this product offer them a solution to their problems? If so, what is the proof that can supports the statement? Not only through video testimonials or case studies, but you can also show your performance results in the form of short statistics.


3. Point Out The Specificity

In the 1900s, Claude Hopkins helped to transform the Schlitz brand from a B-class brand to one of the most popular brands in the market. How? Hopkins used an advertising strategy that didn’t just claim that it’s the “highest quality” or a “high quality” brand. Instead of doing the old-school way, he was emphasizing how the brand can be considered a “high quality” beer. Including an ultra-specific stories will help your copy to be outstanding among the copies of your competitors.


4. Strengthen Your Words

Elizabeth Loftus, through her research, found the fact that your word choice significantly contributes to audience’s perception. Telling a story with an idle and complicated choice of words will only lead to an oversaturated copy. The title and content of your copy should be appealing and concise, but still conveys the message clearly.

Based on Daniel Doan recommendation, here are some titles to consider:

  • What ___ Don’t Want You to Know
  • WARNING – Avoid Making This Common Mistake…
  • 11 Things to…
  • Etc.


5. Write Like You Talk

When writing a copy, position yourself as if you were talking to your ideal prospect when writing a copy. This will help you to make a copy that is more personal and focused on solutions to your audience’s pain points. Further, it will make your message more understandable and provide an emotional connection, which is very important in copywriting.



Do you want to increase your business ROI? You can achieve it by running ads through creative, banner and copy that are accurate and based on data. Our copywriters at Heroleads prioritize data when creating a copy with relevant keywords based on the latest research. Interested to learn more? You can register to consult with our marketing experts now at heroleads.id


Annisa Cahya Maulidina

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